Trip Rules

(Set by the Committee on 16 August 2010 in pursuance of Constitution Rule 19)

  1. The designated trip Leader has overall responsibility for the organisation and management of each trip conducted by the Club.
  2. Members or guests desiring to make any trip are required to advise the Leader no later than Wednesday for a weekend trip and Thursday for a day trip or as otherwise advised.
  3. Participants are expected to act responsibly and with consideration for others. They accept responsibility for their assessment of their own ability to participate in each trip and for their personal provisions, clothing and footwear, equipment and first aid requirements.
  4. Prior to the trip participants must advise the Leader of any special medical conditions, requirements or allergies and it is the participants responsibility to ensure they have adequate provisions for these conditions.
  5. No firearms or illegal drugs shall be carried by any participant on a Club trip.
  6. Persons under age 16 or with a disability may participate in Club trips at the discretion of the Leader and if accompanied by a Caregiver. A Caregiver will be a person over the age of 20 who accepts full responsibility for the person during the trip.
  7. Trip participants are individually responsible for paying hut fees and other charges of the Department of Conservation.
  8. The Leader will advise participants of the appropriate payment towards the cost of shared transport and will collect it and share it fairly among the drivers.
  9. The Leader will advise of and collect from participants any other costs connected with the trip.
  10. The Leader (or a delegated participant) shall provide a written report of the trip to the editor of the Newsletter.