Nelson Tramping Club
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2015 Photo Competition

People's Choice - Mike Drake
Climber above Crevasse, Garden of Eden
People's Choice - Mike Drake
  • People's Choice - Mike Drake
    Climber above Crevasse, Garden of Eden
  • Landscape, 1st - Chris Louth
    Pillar Point on Puponga Walkway, Golden Bay
  • Landscape, 2nd - Chris Louth
    Faerie Queene looks over the wild horses of St James Walkway
  • Landscape, 3rd - Uta Purcell
    Head of Lake Wakatipu
  • Above the Bushline, 1st - Chris Louth
    Tarn above Kiwi Saddle; Mt Patriarch dominates skyline
  • Above the Bushline, 2nd - Mike Drake
    Climber above Crevasse, Garden of Eden
  • Below the Bushline, 1st - Chris Louth
    Through the tunnel and across Boatman’s Creek Capleston area, Victoria Forest Park
  • Below the Bushline, 2nd - Pat Holland
    Concentrate! Hodder River, Marlborough
  • Below the Bushline, 3rd - Chris Louth
    Boulder Lake Hut in the misty morning, Kahurangi NP
  • Nature, 1st - Chris Louth
    Aggro male falcon guards his nest, Nelson Lakes NP
  • Nature, 2nd - Bob Janssen
    Native bush robin
  • Nature, 3rd - Chris Louth
    What's Lurking In The Grass
  • Hut and Camp Life, 1st - Chris Louth
    Lazy days at Angelus Hut; life of a hut warden, Nelson Lakes NP
  • Hut and Camp Life, 2nd - Dion Pont
    Wade Glover at Top Olderog Hut, Arthurs Pass NP
  • Historic, 1st - Pat Holland
    Walking wounded, Trudge Col, Arthurs Pass NP, 1958
  • Historic, 2nd - Pat Holland
    Anti-Crow Hut, 1959, Arthurs Pass NP, 1959
  • Historic, 3rd - Pat Holland
    Tricouni boots & Bergen pack, 1958
  • Open, 1st - Chris Louth Clever Fantail at Lake Matir
    Clever Fantail at Lake Matiri
  • Open, 2nd - Andrea Cockerton
    How to cross a river with a cow
  • Open, 3rd - Pat Holland
    Cheeky lass, upper Hodder River