Nelson Tramping Club
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2013 Photo Competition

Landscape, 1st - Pat Holland
Waterfall and Rata
Landscape, 1st - Pat Holland
  • Landscape, 1st - Pat Holland
    Waterfall and Rata
  • Landscape, 2nd - Dion Pont
    Kokatahi River
  • Landscape, 3rd - Ray Salisbury
    Oaro Lagoon
  • Hut & Camp Life, 1st - Ray Salisbury
    Cabin fever, Salisbury Staff Base Hut
  • Hut & Camp Life, 2nd - Dion Pont
    Wade Glover at Mackay Downs Hut
  • Hut & Camp Life, 3rd - Barry James
    Pals, Sylvester Hut
  • Above the Bushline, 1st - Chris Louth
    Self portrait on Julius Summit
  • Above the Bushline, 2nd - Chris Louth
    Out of control (Sue tries out crampons)
  • Above the Bushline, 3rd - Barry James
    Ridgeway Path - Iron Hill
  • Below the Bushline, 1st - Ray Salisbury
    Lake Christabel
  • Below the Bushline, 2nd - Ray Salisbury
    Appletree Bay Walkers
  • Below the Bushline, 3rd - Barry James
    Well Positioned (Sue in Tussock)
  • Nature (Flora & Fauna), 1st - Ray Salisbury
    Whio whistles of the Waimak
  • Nature (Flora & Fauna), 2nd - Dion Pont
    Uta's orchid on the Killdevil Track
  • Nature (Flora & Fauna), 3rd - Ray Salisbury
    Twin keas outside Liverpool Hut
  • Historic (pre-1980), 1st - David Blunt
    Esquilant Bivvy
  • Historic (pre-1980), 2nd - David Blunt
    Downies Hut
  • Open (anything goes), 1st - Chris Louth
    NTC Lunch Stop
  • Open (anything goes), 2nd - Ray Salisbury
    "Let there be light!"
  • Open (anything goes), 3rd - Ray Salisbury
    Neon Boots