2008 Photo Competition Winners
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  • Landscape 1st and People's Choice Award - Mike Locke
    Frosty Dawn, Lake Rotoiti
  • Landscape 2nd, Dion Pont
    Maori Path, Martins Bay sandspit
  • Landscape 3rd, Uta Purcell
    Red Hills rockscape
  • People 1st, Pat Holland
    Conway on the up and up
  • People 2nd, David Blunt
    Striding out
  • People 3rd, David Blunt
    Time for a nap
  • Nature 1st, Peter Syms
    Haastia sinclairii
  • Nature 2nd, David Blunt
    Dolphin George
  • Nature 3rd, Dion Pont
    Leptinella pyrethrifolia
  • Humour 1st, David Blunt
    Retired tramper reminiscing
  • Humour 2nd, Mark Graesser
    Group portrait by a dedicated photographer
  • Humour 3rd, Tony Haddon
    Information Centre
  • Exhibition 1st, Mark Stevens
    Tapi by moonlight
  • Exhibition 2nd, Mark Stevens
    Fishermen at sunset
  • Exhibition 3rd, Mark Stevens
    Misty seascape
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